The Best semester of your life starts now

Welcome to PRague

The city that you’ll be living in for the next few months, but that will stay with you for the rest of your life. We know these first days and weeks are when you find your feet in a new destination, and find your people too, and we want to make this as easy as possible for you. 

We’ve got two weeks of events in Prague’s friendliest bar – The Drunken Monkey, travel giveaways, and a full semester of weekend trips for you to choose from. 

Prague Study Abroad Spring 2022 Welcome Weeks begin now! We’re excited to meet you.

Read on for more info!

Welcome Weeks Events at the Drunken MOnkey

Your new favourite bar

While any night of the week is great at The Drunken Monkey, we’ve got a series of events that will make it easy for you to find your feet – and your new best friends – in Prague.

Events include Beer Pong, pub crawls, NFL and our big full-semester of travel giveaway announcement, we’ve got a full schedule to welcome you to Prague.

Where: U Milosrdných 848/4, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia


Win a Whole Semester of travel

Welcome Weeks Instagram competition

Post your best Prague photos, tag The Abroad Connection, and maybe win a whole semester of weekend travel valued at €3200. Here’s how: 

  1. Follow @theabroadconnection and @drunkenmonkey_prague_pubcrawl on Instagram
  2. Explore Prague and photograph the experience
  3. Tag @theabroadconnection and @drunkenmonkey_prague_pubcrawl and the hashtags #welcomeweeks and #PRAGUEspringabroad2022 in any photos you post to Instagram
  4. Win twice a week we’ll announce a prize winner* who will win a trip for two to one of The Abroad Connection’s destinations. See prize schedule below. (The Abroad Connection will be deciding each winner, but the main consideration will be the best likes to followers ratio – so get your friends to like your posts!)
  5. Grand Prize the four posts with the most likes will enter into a poll on @theabroadconnection’s Stories on Saturday the 29th of January. The post with the most likes will be announced the winner on the 30th at The Drunken Monkey.
    *Note: winners will be announced at 9pm at The Drunken Monkey, and must be there to win!


  • THURSDAY 20TH: win a trip to Florence
  • SUNDAY 23RD: win a trip to Prague
  • MONDAY 24TH: win a trip to Amsterdam
  • THURSDAY 27TH: win a trip to the destination of your choice
  • SUNDAY 30TH: the winner of the poll gets a whole semester of travel. Value €3200

Let's make some weekend plans

We've got your spring semester sorted

And while you’re out exploring and enjoying Prague – and attending our Welcome Weeks events – we want you to also start thinking about what you’re going to do this semester. 

We’ve filled a semester of weekend trips to all of your bucket list destinations. Florence, Prague, Paris, the Alps, Amsterdam, Budapest, Dublin, Rome, Ibiza, and Munich. 

And when you travel with The Abroad Connection you know that we’ve got you in the coolest hotels, have the must-do experiences included, make sure that you’re always in the best, exclusive parties, and attract fellow study abroad students from all over Europe. 

Have a look at our Spring Semester schedule and let’s start making some plans!


Influence friends, travel for free

The Abroad Connection Ambassador program

We’re looking for influential and creative students to join the Abroad Connection ambassador team. Broadly, we’re looking for two distinct types of ambassadors. 

  1. Sales Ambassadors
    If you’re the kind of person who likes to have the best plans wherever you are, and can motivate your gang to do it with you, you could become an Abroad Connection sales ambassador.

    Not only will you be introducing your group to the semester’s best weekend trips around Europe, but we’ll also have the best plans for Prague. 

  2. Creative Ambassadors
    Creative Ambassadors are students with a passion for writing, blogging, photography, videography, social media – anything to do with communication, really.

    All you will do is share your experiences abroad with fellow students and be rewarded when they come on our trips. 

Both Sales and Creative Ambassadors get free travel, VIP hookups around Europe, and some travel money too. 

Interested? Sign up here.

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