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You’ll only study abroad once, and that’s why we’re committed to making the most of this experience. If you think you can help fellow students find the best experiences available to them, then maybe you can be an Abroad Connection ambassador.
The Abroad Connection is a collaboration between some of Europe’s top youth travel brands and study abroad students themselves. While this is a new brand, we’ve been taking students around Europe for more than 10 years now, and decided now’s a good time to hand the reigns over to you, the the students.

The brand is backed by the operational expertise of veteran youth travel industry experts, but we leave the stewardship of the brand in the hands of you, the students. 
Want more information about what we do? Click on the semester that you’ll be in Europe. For information about becoming an Abroad Connection Ambassador, read on.

Being an Abroad Connection ambassador

What’s an Abroad Connection Ambassador?

To put it simply, there are as many ways to be an Abroad Connection Ambassador as there are study abroad experiences. 

At its core, all The Abroad Connection seeks to do is to make sure that study abroad students across Europe are making the most of their weekend trips (and doing it all together), as well as create a useful content hub for students to share their experiences with fellow students. 

And Abroad Connection Ambassadors help us make that happen.  

But to explain a little further…
Abroad Connection Ambassadors are students currently, previously, or soon to be studying abroad in Europe. Abroad Connection Ambassadors help us spread the word about: 

  • the trips we do every weekend to Europe’s most fascinating cities, 
  • any events, parties and experiences in their host city, 
  • and The Abroad Connection’s content hub that’s for students, by students

Abroad Connection Ambassadors connect fellow students with VIP hookups, make sure that students’ non-studying hours are filled with fun and culture, have the best connections for weekend trips away and basically make sure that study abroad students make the most of their semesters in Europe. 

Broadly, there are two ways to be an ambassador.


Abroad Connection networking ambassadors follow the more traditional ambassador model of networking with fellow students, making connections, and then ensuring that everybody is going to the best parties, travelling together every weekend, and getting all the best hookups everywhere they go. 

Networking ambassadors are influential and always have the best plans at any given time. 

But just because you don’t know everyone yet doesn’t mean you can’t be a networking ambassador. It doesn’t matter how small or large your crew is, all that matters is that you’re passionate about putting them in the best situations. 


Abroad Connection content ambassadors are creators who share their experiences and advice with fellow students via The Abroad Connection’s platforms, and through the ambassador’s own networks.

Content ambassadors can be bloggers, journalists, travel writers, photographers, videographers, influencers – or anybody with a passion for sharing their stories. These ambassadors create content around any and all aspects of the study abroad experience – from where to study and what to pack, to the best bars and burger places in their host city, as well as traveller’s tales from their weekends exploring Europe.



You really just have to be yourself.

  1. Pre-arrival. You will chat with an Abroad Connection team member and we will answer any questions you might have about the ambassador program, studying abroad, or Europe in general. 

    At this time Abroad Ambassadors should  become familiar with the trips on offer during the semester that they will be away and any content that’s relevant to their host city. 

    It’s also a great time to start finding out who will be studying abroad and where and making weekend plans with them. These leads that you form now can be very beneficial during the semester.

  2. Welcome Week(s). The Abroad Connection will be hosting a week or two of study abroad welcome events in the city you will call home for the semester.

    Ambassadors are given all the information regarding Welcome Week(s) parties and events, club entry, and a cheat sheet on the best bars and restaurants in their new host city, as well as the best spots for Instagram stories, sights to see, hints and tips about how to best settle into their new home – everything and anything to make their new lives as easy and fun as possible.

    During Welcome Week(s) we will hold ambassador meet and greets and information sessions (with wine and local snacks, obviously!) where we can get to know each other, discover what’s on during Welcome Week(s) and throughout the semester, how The Abroad Connection works and the kinds of trips we offer, and anything else that you want/need to know about the semester and your new city. These sessions are super low key, and really just a way to get to know each other.

    At the Welcome Week(s) events ambassadors will be given the opportunity to host events and be given hookups at the events to share with their friends and fellow students. This way the ambassadors will be associated both with The Abroad Connection and the bars hosting Welcome Week(s) events and will have more authority when it comes to encouraging and influencing students throughout the semester.

  3. During the semester. The Abroad Connection will then contact ambassadors semi-regularly to check in, let them know what’s coming up, see how the outreach is going for them, and talk about upcoming events, hookups that we’ve sourced, and spitball new ways to introduce our trips and programs to more students.

    All ambassadors are given their own unique promotional code and booking links for trips. Once a student uses your booking link to access The Abroad Connection website, anything that student books for the entire semester will be attributed to the ambassador.

    Ambassadors are also given a VIP card that will get them certain privileges at our partner bars, including but not limited to free buckets of beer, trays of shots, a booth booking service, nightclub entry lists, and the ability to program the viewing schedule in our pop-up college sports section of the bar.

In a nutshell, we will help you become experts in your host city, giving you access to all the best parties and experiences, and then on the weekends take you to all of Europe’s bucket-list cities where we will have the best times possible. Sound good? There’s more that that in it for you.

What's in it for me?

Abroad Connection Ambassador perks

The Abroad Connection’s Ambassadors will have access to all the best parties, get free travel around Europe, and VIP hookups wherever we go. Here’s how.

  1. Ambassadors will make commission for all bookings made with their promo code, or after somebody clicks on their affiliate link. The commission will be given to the ambassadors in cash, or as credit to upgrade their Abroad Connection trips.
  2. Ambassadors will get their trip for free once at least 10 students have booked through them.
  3. Ambassadors will get access to pop-up parties and perks both in their host city, and when travelling for weekends away.
  4. Ambassadors will get special privileges to share with their friends, which will differ depending on the location that we’re in.
  5. The best ambassadors from each city and within each study abroad program will be invited to attend our Abroad Ball at the end of every semester, always hosted in a unique and luxurious venue. This is most likely the party of the year, ever year.

Sound like how you want to spend your semester abroad in Europe? We thought so. Let’s get started!

OK Let's go

What do I need to get started?

If you’re still interested reach back out , contact us at and we’ll get you set up with your promo codes and affiliate links. 

We’ll also make sure that you’re invited to all the Welcome Week(s) events and meet and greets with us so when you arrive you know what’s going on in your new host city.

After that, get to know the semester schedule for when you’re abroad, and start getting excited about the trips you’re going to take. 

And if you’re a content ambassador, start writing! (Or shooting, if that’s what you do). 

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Students keep on coming back to Europe – and for good reason. The old continent perfectly combines the finer things in life, a more relaxed approach to a life lived for the sake of living, with the safety afforded to the developed world, with unparalleled access to health and safety. We know why students come to Europe, and we also know how to maximise their time here so that they can have the most fun, and still get back to their studies.

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