The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Through Rome

So you’re wondering how to spend an afternoon in Rome. We get it, The Eternal City can be quite overwhelming as it is jam-packed with culture and art spanning much of human history. Lucky for you, we’ve got the guide for a perfect day in Rome – expect to check off some of Rome’s biggest treasures, from famous fountains to ancient monuments to a typical Italian breakfast (complete with the perfect cup of cafe!)

The Ultimate Roman Treasure Hunt

See the Colosseum Without the Crowds 

Another destination crawling with tourists is the Colosseum. But, you can manage to take a ‘people free picture’ if you follow these few steps:

  • take metro line B until the Colosseo stop
  • Get off and turn left where you’ll find a staircase
  • Take the stairs all the way to the top where you will see a big palm tree
  • Cross the street to reach Via del Fagutale and follow that road until reaching Via del Monte Oppio to the right
  • There’s a gate that opens to a park where the palm tree sits on a terrace

This has one of the best views of the colosseum, and you won’t have to deal with throngs of tourists crowding to get the same picture.

Order Coffee Like a True Italian

Here’s the thing about Italians and coffee. Coffee is life and is a part of just about every meal but there are rules around what is acceptable. For example, in the morning it’s typical to drink a cappuccino which is an espresso shot with steamed milk. Besides that, though, Italians frown upon drinking coffee with milk throughout the day. No questions asked, it just is. Instead, they tend to drink an espresso shot after meals with sugar.

If you are going to order coffee, then, there are a few things to know.

If you ask for a latte you will receive just steamed milk with no coffee. Instead, order a cafe latte.

It’s typical for Italians to drink espresso drinks at the bar standing up, if you decide to grab a table they will charge you extra. One Roman drink I recommend trying is Romeo e Giulietta which is caffe crema with whipped cream and cocoa powder. It’s a delicious little mid-day dessert. 

See The Trevi Fountain from a New Angle

Everyone knows the Trevi fountain in Rome – there are crowds upon crowds of people there every day. But did you know that you can go underneath it?

Start at the Trevi fountain, throw a coin in and make a wish. The Legend stands, if you throw one coin in it ensures a return trip to Rome, two coins are for those seeking love and three symbolize wedding bells.

Now, take the street Vicolo De Modelli next to the fountain. Look for the sign of the Area Archeologia. Take the little rally down to “Vicus Caprarius”, the city of water. A ticket costs 4 euros and gets you underneath the fountain to the ancient water aqueducts and Roman ruins.

Grab a Typical Italian Meal

You can’t visit Italy without eating. In the morning, you can try a typical Roman breakfast. Maritozzi is a sweet bun filled with cream that can be found at just about any cafe or coffee shop. Drink it with your cappuccino in the morning like a real Italian.

A hidden foodie’s paradise is the area of Trastevere. Any restaurant in this area is to die for and will have authentic Italian food. You really can’t go wrong at any restaurant. I recommend walking around to find the most hidden little hole-in-the-wall, family-owned restaurant. This will likely lead you to the best Italian dinner of your life.

There are some dishes that you MUST try in Rome. Do not leave without stuffing your face with caio e pepe pasta which is peppercorns and parmesan cheese, and the world-famous carbonara made with eggs, hard cheese, cured pork, and black pepper.  

Ula Camastro studies graphic design at Santa Rosa junior college and is currently traveling around Europe. She loves the smell of the outdoors and is always on an adventure for good food, beautiful views, and even better company. Enter Ula’s code “ulajosephina” when booking a trip with us to receive special perks on your trip!

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