The Secrets of Florence – A Perfect Day in the Tuscan City

Florence is one of Europe’s dreamiest cities. Built into the rolling hills of Tuscany, famous as a culinary capital of Italy and peppered with Renaissance art masterpieces, it’s easy to see what makes the city so enticing for students and travelers alike. Let’s take a walk through Florence and discover how a perfect day exploring the city might look.

The Secrets of Florence

Step back in time to the Renaissance and get lost in the city of Florence. Every street you turn down is rich with history and hidden gems. 

While walking around in the city center there are some hidden treasures you should look out for. In Piazza della Signoria, walk around to the back of the statue of Perseus with the head of Medusa. There is a hidden face of the sculpture Benvenuto Cellini carves into Perseus’ hair and mask on the back of his head.

Stop at Dantes house and while everyone is looking up into the windows of this villa, look down at the cobblestones. In one of them there is a carved self portrait of Dante, the stone is a bronze color, try to find it.

If you’re feeling adventurous, walk to Piazza dei Cimatori right down the street from the house of Dante to try Florentine street food. Order the Trippa soundwich which is a staple food for the Florentines. I say adventurous because Trippa is made from the edible lining of a cow stomach and is not for picky eaters. Don’t worry though the best Gelato in the city is just around the corner.

Head over to the Ponte Santa Trinita bridge for a perfect view of the Ponte Vecchio bridge without the crowds. On clear days you can see double because the bridge is perfectly reflected in the Arno river. The Santa Trinita is the oldest elliptic arch bridge in the world and has a statue on each corner representing the four seasons. Try to guess which one is which. 

Right across the bridge is Gelateria Santa Trinita which has the best gelato in the city. If you ask any local what their favorite flavor is, I guarantee they will say Pistacchio which is delicious if you know where to get it and Gelateria Santa Trinita is the spot.

To get the best view of the city hike up to Piazzale Michelangelo and on the way stop off at the rose garden located underneath the piazza. Grab an Italian favorite aperol spritz and sit amongst the roses. Then take the scenic route through the garden up to Michelangelo for breathtaking 360 degree views of Florence. This is a travelers destination around sunset. Grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the company of fellow travelers on the steps of the Piazza.

End the day by escaping the crowds in the neighborhood across the river. It is a good place to get lost in, with delicious restaurants tucked down every alley and at night the streets come alive with locals gathering around their favorite bars. 

Ula Camastro studies graphic design at Santa Rosa junior college, and is currently traveling around Europe. She loves the smell of the outdoors and is always on an adventure for good food, beautiful views, and even better company. Enter Ula’s code “ulajosephina” when booking a trip with us to receive special perks on your trip!

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