Springfest Munich


Per Person Per Night
  • 2 Night Minimum
  • Camping accommodation (pre-erected, twin share tent with sleeping mat & sleeping bag)
  • Brunch every day at camp
  • Guides to direct you to the Oktoberfest beer halls
  • The Stoke festival within atmosphere with an international vibe
  • Campsite DJ

Add Ons: 

  • Unlimited booze – Open bar of beer, sangria, wine, soft drink, tea and coffee €10 a day
  • Solo tent upgrade – Don’t wanna share your tent with a stranger? Have a feeling you’ll be bringing a stranger back? Upgrade to your own solo tent and sleep easy €20/night
  • Traditional Springfest outfits – You’ll really stick out like a sore thumb if you’re not decked out in one of these, plus it’s always fun to dress up in your traditional German outfits and take pics for the gram to make all your friends back home jealous… Dirndl set €70, Lederhosen set €90

munich, germany

spring's very own oktoberfest

The land of hearty, carb-heavy cuisine, frothy beer steins, and lederhosen, Munich is Bavaria’s most festive metropolis. Known for feeling like a village with all the amenities of a big city, Munich is a prime destination to wrap up your fabulous semester abroad. Especially at Springfest, Oktoberfest’s little sister, with all the vibrant halls and fun fairgrounds.

Get dressed up in a traditional dress or striking lederhosen and head to the festival grounds with crowds of lively locals to claim a table for your friends at your favorite beer hall. Sing along to the oompah bands, eat salty soft pretzels, revel in the cheerful atmosphere, and cheers a stein of Bavarian ale to your unforgettable semester abroad.

Dates: April 21st-May 1st

A real beerfest for your bucket list

These are the times of our lives – let’s make them matter



welcome to the beer halls!

Get ready to hit up Springfest’s beer halls and fairground attractions, everything’s in the same location as Oktoberfest. Friday night there’ll be a campsite party with unlimited golden Bavarian beer, and sangria.



All day you’ll indulge in Bavarian culture with steins of delicious beer, festive halls, and hearty German food, and of course lederhosen. If you need a break from the Springfest action, check out the beautiful city center Marienplatz or explore Munich’s historic cobbled streets. Head back to the campsite in the evening for a wild party with hundreds of your new friends and toast to an incredible semester abroad.



one last hoorah!

Most travelers will be heading home on Sunday. If that’s your plan, refuel with delicious breakfast before you go. If you’re sticking around with us, check out the sights you missed while you were enjoying Springfest, like St. Peter’s Church or the view from the town hall clock tower. Here’s to a great semester, don’t forget to tell your friends about Oktoberfest 2023 in the Fall! 

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JAN – MAY 2022

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