It’s Pronounced Praha – A Perfect Weekend in The Czech Capital City

This past weekend, it was time to travel to Prague. If you are like me and previously knew nothing about Prague, I felt it was probably best to give a foreshadowing about what to expect if you were to ever choose to visit. With that being said, a weekend is the perfect amount of time in Prague and here’s why.

Prague Is A Walkable City

Compared to many other cities in Europe, Prague allows for walking. You can save a lot of money in that aspect which can allow for spending on other goods. The streets of Prague are like something out of a fairytale, creating a unique, whimsical feeling when walking through the town. Shops line the streets, selling candy, churro cones, and souvenir shops to help remember how special this place is! These buildings reminded me of the pictures I use to see in storybooks as a child.

Prague’s walkability means it’s easy to see all the top sights the city has to offer. Let’s take a look at what you absolutely must see while in Prague.

Prague’s Best Places to See

Visit The Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall is a must-see. This wall was originally dedicated to John Lennon and represented a symbol of freedom during the 1980s for the ones that lived here. The people in Prague at the time loved his music and what he believed in; so, a painting of him was done for the city to see.

The wall has continued to grow in both art and fame, having artists and people over the years fill the wall with things like quotes and social and political propaganda. It’s a work of art, and I enjoyed taking some time out of the day to analyze what the wall had to offer. What started as a simple painting of John Lennon quickly grew into a mural of art.

See Saint Vitus Cathedral 

This stunning Church is massive and the pictures do not do it justice! On top of the city lies the beautiful Saint Vitus Cathedral. On the way you’ll see the famous orange brick houses make quite a view from this high-up point. I spent some time admiring the stained glass windows that fill this Cathedral.

For just seven euros, you can climb to the top of one of the towers and see most of the city. I highly recommend this (well, unless you have a fear of heights!)

Have Dinner In An Igloo

Prague has some amazing restaurants, but also places that offer great experiences along with great food. The Duplex Restaurant creates a one-of-a-kind experience for you! This restaurant exceeded my expectations in every way. My group was placed in an outdoor igloo overlooking one of the main streets in Prague. It was an intimate space, which allowed for such a memorable time. Make sure to check this place out and book an igloo in advance, they go fast! 

Hang Around Old Town Square 

This was one of my favorite parts of Prague. Located within this square was authentic Prague culture. The Astrology Clock is the oldest still in operation! Make sure to get to the clock a couple of minutes before a new hour for a special show that you will never forget. Just beware of large crowds and, as always, make sure you keep your belongings close to you.

As the people of Prague say, “It’s pronounced Praha!” Praha has been a noteworthy city. Overall, the weekend was filled with goulash plates, street meat, and fun nightlife as well. For college kids, it’s honestly the perfect combination. The city is not overpriced and has something for the art lovers but also the partiers as well. Prague is for everyone! 

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