How to Navigate The World Of The Spanish Student Visa

Navigating the world of visas can be quite a daunting experience. There are rules and regulations, official documents and fees to think about. But fortunately, where there’s a will, there’s a way! 

My Experience

I am an American student with a travel bug. I applied to study abroad in Italy as a junior in college, but with an American passport, I was permitted a 90-day stay. So trying to legally continue my travels I needed to get a student visa so I could stay in Europe through the summer.

I decided to apply for a student tourist visa. It’s not easy breezy, but with enough research I found a  company to intern with through the summer. I highly recommend looking on workaday, linked in, or other work-study sites that offer internships. 

With my student tourist visa, I am granted 90 more days in Spain, adding up to a grand total of a 180-day period in the Schengen area. 

So, What Is Needed For A Spanish Student Visa As An American?

Let’s talk logistics. This is what you will need to apply for a Spanish student visa as an American. 

1. Find An Internship Or Enroll In Classes

First of all, you will need to find an internship program or be enrolled in an educational institution. They will provide proper paperwork saying that you are enrolled in classes or are working. 

2. Fingerprints

You will need fingerprints submitted to the FBI and, in some cases, a background check. You can obtain the fingerprints at most post offices but be sure to call around and find a place that will do them electronically and will submit them to the FBI for you.

3. Bank Statements

You’ll need to provide bank statements declaring that you have enough funds to sustain yourself. These can be from you or from your family.

4. The Visa Application

You can find this application online, but be sure to look up the specific application for the country you’re applying to. You can find this on the embassy website of the country your applying to, located in the city nearest to you.

5. Recent Passport-Size Photos 

Along with your passport, you will need to take separate passport photos which can be done at most post offices and even some pharmacies.

6. Travelers Insurance

This is important because the embassy will only give you a visa for the period of time that you have insurance.

7. Cash For The Visa Fee

Make sure it’s the exact dollar amount because they typically do not have change.

8. Copies Of Everything!

That means your passport, the application – any documents you have.

Next Steps

Once you have collected all of the necessary documents, you will submit them directly to the embassy closest to where you live in the states. Check with the one closest to you, as some take appointments while some are first-come-first-serve.

Then, it’s the waiting game to receive your visa! 

Different countries have different visa requirements, and some countries are easier to get than others, o be sure to do your research and look up the visas. Also, note that this is relevant to American passport holders. Visa information will be different depending on your passport. 

Ula Camastro studies graphic design at Santa Rosa junior college and is currently traveling around Europe. She loves the smell of the outdoors and is always on an adventure for good food, beautiful views, and even better company. Enter Ula’s code “ulajosephina” when booking a trip with us to receive special perks on your trip!

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