Summer Semester

Summer in Europe

Did somebody say Mediterranean? From the sea to tHe city, summer in Europe is a dolce and gabana poster

The Abroad Connection makes the most of your summer in Europe by visiting 
the cities and destinations you’ve been dreaming about.


Apr 29 - May 1


The sea-kissed breeze dances through your hair as you wander a maze of fresh whitewashed walls and ancient ruins in radiant Mykonos. An abundance of explorable coastal coves, alluring deep-blue waters, and spectacular sunsets make this iconic Aegean party destination your personal summer paradise.



Coffee Shops followed by Cava on the Beach!

Sounds good.


MAY 6 - 8

Cinque Terre Walking Tour

A gentle breeze carries the scent of lemon trees as you catch a glimpse of your destination for the first time from the vineyard-lined footpath you’ve trekked. Bright colorful houses of a nearly untouched fishing village cascade down the rocky coast to the crystal clear Ligurian Sea, beckoning you to this adventurer’s Italian dream.



MAY 13 - 15

Take a break in ibiza

On a beach after a night of dancing with your new friends, you take a deep breath of the salty Mediterranean air. The rugged coastline stretches before you, a sunrise on the horizon, with promises of yoga, hiking, or kayaking to recharge. This is Ibiza, oasis by day and revelrous by night.


Summer in Europe!

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MAY 20 - 22


Sip chilled sherry at an atmospheric rooftop bar, serenaded by the dulcet notes of flamenco carried gently by the balmy Andalucian breeze. Intricate centuries-old Moorish palaces and bustling cobbled streets lined with tapas bars are just waiting to be explored. Fall in love with Andalucia’s summery sun-kissed gem, Seville.


MAY 27 - 29

You can always catch us


You travel a beautiful narrow street embellished with blue mosaic tiles, passing ivy-laced ruins and aesthetic 14th century facades. The sun casts a coppery glow on terracotta roofs as it sets over the sea, and your friends duck into a chic port bar tucked away in a picturesque cobbled alley. Every moment is an adventure in Lisbon.


JUN 25 - 29

Wine Fight La Rioja

You journey through the famous vineyards of La Rioja to the legendary hill where locals and tourists use buckets, squirt guns, and everything in between to soak each other in the world’s biggest wine fight. Back in the beautiful town of Haro, stages, dancing, fireworks, and food create a wild wine-soaked fiesta for the books.

2 months in Europe

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Jun 29 - 31

bask in the Basque Country

You catch a world-class wave in San Sebastian’s iconic crescent-shaped bay, sea spray refreshingly splashing your face. The lovely city stretches before you, effortlessly beautiful at the foot of soaring emerald hills. Sophisticated yet down-to-Earth, this pillar of Basque country cuisine, beauty, and adventure waits to be explored.



Jul 23 - 26


In a sea of fellow students, lose yourself to the flashing lights and pulsing beats of the best music scene Europe has to offer. Exquisite beaches, choice nightlife, and transcendent sangria compose Barcelona’s irresistible symphony for a prime summer break in Spain’s most fascinating city.


JUL 29 - 31

Coffee Shops & Kygo in Amsterdam.

The silvery sound of bicycle bells ring as you enjoy a refreshing Dutch beer on a boat gently drifting along the most charming canal in the summer sun. Dancing a tightrope of thrilling and cultural, the city of Rembrandt and Van Gogh is a summer haven of green parks and coffee shops.

AUG 4- 7


not just for emily anymore!

The sound of your heels echo through the cobbled street as the smell of fresh pain-au-chocolat fills the air and cafes begin to open for the day. The Eiffel Tower glistens in the summer sun, and the morning glow lights up the Seine. There is nothing more romantic than Paris in the Summer.

Summer Semester

SUMMER SEM. Mykonos, Greece Apri 29 - May 12022
SUMMER SEM. Cinque Terre, Italy May 6 - 82022
SUMMER SEM. Ibiza, Spain May 13 - 152022
SUMMER SEM. Seville, Spain May 20 - 222022
SUMMER SEM. Lisbon, Portugal May 27 - 292022
SUMMER SEM. La Rioja, Spain June 25 - 292022
SUMMER SEM. Basque Country, Spain July 1 - 42022
SUMMER SEM. Amsterdam, the Netherlands July 29 - 312022
SUMMER SEM. Paris, France Aug 4 - 72022

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