7 Magical Ways to Spend a Chilly Day in Budapest

Winter and early spring in Budapest is quite a chilly time, due to the country’s location in Northern Europe. Luckily, there is plenty to do in Budapest when it’s cold out. Rather you’d like to embrace the winter wonderland or escape from it, let’s take a look at the best ways to enjoy this magical time in Budapest.

Warm Up in the Thermal Baths

Budapest is well known for its beautiful thermal baths, some of which have been around for hundreds of years. The city is full of these spas, which are the perfect spots to relax and warm up in steaming therapeutic waters, surrounded by stunning architecture. There are also saunas, massage rooms, and spa treatments aplenty. Try the famous Széchenyi Baths for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Hear Music at the Hungarian State Opera House

The magnificence of the Hungarian State Opera House has to be experienced to be believed. The neo-Renaissance opera house has a unique architectural appearance that can only be attributed to Hungary and was designed by one of the country’s most famous 19th-century architects. Even if you don’t fancy a show, you can still visit the opera house just to bask in its beauty.

Take a Scenic Ride Inside a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Yes, you read that right. Get inside Budapest’s Tram no. 2 and you’ll be inside a UNESCO World Heritage Site that cruises through the city providing gorgeous scenic views. The tram earned the status because of the stunning route it takes along the River Danube, passing many of Budapest’s most iconic sights. It’s a cheap and cozy alternative to walking.

Cruise along the River Danube

The river that runs through Budapest literally divides the city into two: Buda and Pest. Naturally, then, the best place to see both sides of the city is from the waters themselves. In the winter, heated boats cruise along the Danube providing gorgeous views of the two cities, and a luxuriously cozy way to surround yourself in the beauty of Budapest.

Check Out the Famous Ruin Bars

This is an activity that can be done during the day or night – in fact, the experience is arguably more unique during the day. Don’t worry, we don’t consider hitting the ruin bars during the day “day drinking”, as you don’t necessarily have to drink alcohol there  – you can get coffee, tea, or soft drinks too! The experience alone of going to these weird, off-beat, and often quite beautiful bars will stick in your mind regardless of the time of day.

Visit the Magical Buda Castle

This massive royal residence is a great way to escape from the cold. Take a guided tour of the castle to discover all the various rooms, each more ornate than the next. A guided tour is the best way to learn the history of the castle and hear all the fascinating stories from centuries past. You could easily spend a day exploring the castle and the surrounding Várhegy neighborhood, which has tons of delicious pastry shops and cozy cafes (nearby, the famous Ruszwurm is a must-try).

Ice Skate In One of the World’s Oldest (And Most Beautiful) Rinks

Nestled between Heroes’ Square and Vajdahunyad Castle, the City Park Ice Rink is a gorgeous place to show of your ice-skating (or in my case, falling) skills. The 150-year-old ice-skating rink is available from November to February, when it is melted back into an equally-as-lovely pond. Still, experiencing the rink in the colder months is a unique experience that fits flawlessly with Budapest’s winter-wonderland vibes.

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