10 Questions Abroad with Hannah

As the fall 2021 semester comes to a close, our community of study abroad students in Europe reflects on their semester, the lessons they’ve learned, and the places they’ve traveled.

In our next interview in the series, Hannah tells us about studying in Athens at ACG Deree, and her experiences traveling around Europe.

1. Let’s start with something interesting you’ve learned about the city where you’re studying.

Well, the Acropolis is the most well known tourist attraction in Athens, and it actually sits at the highest point of the city. You get a 360 degree view from up there. It’s incredible.

2. What was a cultural difference you didn’t expect?

Here in Athens, they don’t serve mozzarella sticks with marinara or any sort of pasta sauce, they serve them with barbecue sauce. I thought that was really weird.

3. What is your favorite part about living in Europe?

For me, it must be the independence. I’ve never been by myself away from home for nearly this long, so being able to get up every morning and go do whatever I want whenever I want is so freeing. I’ve been buying all kinds of plane tickets to go to other countries in Europe. It’s amazing.

4. What’s your major, and how does it relate to what you’re learning in your city?

My major is visual communications with an emphasis in graphic design. I’m currently taking two art classes, one of which is really great for my graphic design major because I’m getting hands-on experience, and the other is more so an art history class. I’m also taking anthropology and the middle east for history credits.

5. Give me your top bars or clubs you’ve been to in Athens that you’d recommend for other students.

Venti is a good club is Athens. A lot of people like to go to a bar called Captain Bills.

6. What is one food or drink you’re glad you tried?

I’m half-Greek, and I’ve had a lot of Greek food back in America, so a lot of the Greek food I’ve had here hasn’t really been new. But I tried paella in Barcelona recently and it was really good.

7. What is the main difference you’ve noticed between your home university and abroad university?

My abroad university is really small compared to my home university. There are only around twenty students max in my classes, but one of my classes only has five students. Although the university I go to is supposed to be one of the best colleges in Greece, so I was surprised the classes were so small. Our final is just going to be one group project, so it’s kind of cool working in such a small group.

8. Tell us one destination that surprised you and why.

I was pretty surprised by Vienna, Austria. I didn’t really have any desire to go there when I first got to Greece, but we were just looking up cheap flights and Vienna didn’t have bad prices so we decided to go. I loved being there much more than I thought I would. It’s so beautiful, and it’s very green too. When we were flying in and about to land, we could see the city is all different shades of green. I didn’t expect it to be that vibrant green. It’s a great city.

9. What has been your favorite experience you’ve had while studying abroad & traveling so far?

I just went skydiving the other day in Athens. It was such a great experience. I was a little scared at first, but once you get up there, for me it wasn’t so bad. I just went by myself. It was a lot of fun.

10. Something you wish you knew before studying abroad that would’ve helped you prepare?

The class schedule would’ve been nice to know before I arrived, because I didn’t get my schedule until I was here. I didn’t know the times or anything, so I didn’t start planning my other trips until I got my schedule. It would’ve been nice to see my schedule before so I could plan more.

If you’re currently studying abroad and would like to share your insights on your semester with us, or if you’re planning on or thinking about studying abroad in the future and have some questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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